Not Your Mama’s Blowout: With This Tool, My Mom Styled Her Hair Without Frying It For The First Time Since The 70s

Sylvia Fletcher | Nov 17, 2022

Mom taught me all I know about styling my hair, but her outdated heat tools were frying it - this new tool saved BOTH of our hair!

I learned all my beauty tips & tricks from my mama.

As a teenager she taught me how to blow-dry my hair before dates, how to curl it for homecoming, you name it.

As I got older, I realized how much damage the high heat was doing to my tresses.

Those old-school styling tools were destroying mine AND my mom’s hair!

After a while, I gave up on using styling tools altogether. The dry, crunchy hair they left me with just wasn’t worth it.

But I missed getting all dolled up to go out with friends. Without styling my hair, I always felt... Meh.

Enter: the Hair Stila.

While scrolling TikTok one night after a glass (or two) of wine I stumbled across a video reviewing a new heatless air-curl styling tool.

I was so stoked at the possibility of having great hair again, but I didn’t get my hopes up.

It seemed too good to be true!

Could I really do something with my hair besides my boring ponytail? Is there a way to get great style without frying my delicate locks?

Let me tell you - it TRANSFORMED my hair routine!

This was not my mama’s old-fashioned blow-dryer!

I snagged mom one, too. She taught me how to style my hair, so it was my turn to teach her how she could do it without burning her hair to a crisp like she had since the 70s.

What Is The Hair Stila?

Not your mama’s blowout!

Meet the Hair Stila heatless air-wrap styling tool.

The Hair Stilal is a HOLY GRAIL for anyone who wants well-styled hair without the damage of heat styling.

With luxury-brand quality without the luxury-brand price tag, the Hair Stila makes that influencer-perfect hair accessible to everyone.

5 detachable blowing heads, 3 levels of temperature adjustment, 2 barrel sizes, and no damaging heat all make this your new staple...

But that’s not what makes it groundbreaking.

How Does It Work?

The law of attraction isn’t just for positive thoughts!

The Hair Stila uses the “Coanda effect” to create incredible styling without the use of extreme heat.

Traditional hair dryers dry by blowing your hair away with extremely hot air.

The Coanda effect, an aerodynamic phenomenon, attracts and wraps hair around the barrel.

Because it’s capable of so many styles, it might sound complex to use - I promise you, even the most tech-unsavvy (looking at you, mom) person can master it in minutes.

- Snap on your chosen styling tool (without fussing over confusing attachments)
- Choose your heat level (none of which will fry your hair!)
- Dry & style at the same time!
- No need to worry about towel-drying your hair first, either. The Hair Stila can be used on fresh-out-of-the-shower locks!

What Does It Do?

It replaces every styling tool you own - that’s what!

With the Hair Stila, you have all the tools you need to change your hair on the go.

Switch quickly from one look to another with a simple SNAP of the 5 interchangeable heads.

Create effortless, flowing curls with either the 1.2” or 1.6” interchangeable barrels.

Clockwise, counterclockwise, any way you want - your curls will be symmetrical and bouncy.

No more crispy-fried stiff ends or heavy products to weigh those curls down!

Whether you want tight curls, voluminous waves, or anything in between, Hair Stila does it all!

You Might Be Wondering...

Having a great hairstyle without heat or hassle is possible! No crazy hair hacks required.

...How Much Will Great Hair Cost Me? (Without The Heat OR $$$ Salon Trips?)

As every woman knows, no trip to the salon ends up costing less than $100 - and that’s on the cheap side. Head to a high-quality salon and you’re looking at twice, three times that... Easily.

Sure, you could spend hundreds of dollars on your hair every time you want to look cute for a date...

Or you could invest once in the Hair Stila.

Traditional heatless air-styling tools go for $750-$1,000+, so you’d expect the Hair Stila to be at least that...

You’d be wrong!

The Hair Stila retails for $269.95... Normally.

But not today! Today’s your lucky day - the Hair Stila is currently on sale for $149.95.

Click here to grab a discounted Hair Stila, if they’re still available!

That’s a small price to pay for a beauty holy grail that will replace all of your clunky old gadgets, cut your styling time in half, AND do it all without making messes of your tresses.

How Is It So Affordable?

Big brands pay tons of money on marketing (looking at you, styling tool that rhymes with “Bison”).

Know who pays for that advertising? Not the execs, that’s for sure!

That $1k hair tool you’ve been buying costs so much because you’re paying hundreds to help the company pay influencers to give it a thumbs-up.

Hair Stila doesn’t believe in paying for the hype - they believe in letting the hype speak for itself.

Does It Live Up To The Hype?

YES! No hesitation.

Summer’s here, and between heatwaves and frequent dips in the pool or ocean, your hair dries out like CRAZY!

Don’t dry it out further with old, out-dated blow dryers or curlers!

Plus - I don’t know about you, but I’ve been working hard on my summer body.

The last thing I need is for dry, crunchy hair to ruin my look.

Now’s the time to snag a Hair Stila before TikTok blows it up and everyone takes advantage of the discount. It’s already selling like crazy.

One time using it and you’ll figure out why everyone & their mama is raving.

The current discount is the icing on the cake. If they’re still on promotion for up to 50% off, DEFINITELY snag one!

In case you couldn’t tell, I can’t live without mine!

There’s hands-down no better, more versatile styling tool for the price.

Rave Reviews

Let the hype speak for itself - check out these rave reviews from women loving the Hair Stila!

"I love this thing! I used it for the first time today, using the barrel roll to create beautiful curls for my night out on the town. It worked like a dream, and it took no time at all."
Jaime A. Huffman - Tampa, FL

"I was late to work and needed to look professional. I found the Hair Stila was super easy to use because it dried my hair into the proper shape. I didn’t have to spend time drying, styling, and redoing it."
I found the Hair Stila was super easy to use because it dried my hair into the proper shape.
Lyn E. Long - Ogden, IA

"I love that I don’t have to use a lot of styling products when I use the Hair Stila. The technology seems to help my hair to hold the proper shape the first time, without the use of gels."
I love that I don’t have to use a lot of styling products
Amy B. Bueche - Louisville, KY

Where Can I Get Mine?

Don’t get stuck with a flimsy knock-off - the real thing is the only way to go!

Get your Hair Stila from the official website.

With everyone and their mama raving about this hair holy grail, it’s only a matter of time until it’s sold out.

Don’t hesitate to snag your own Hair Stila while they’re still in stock!