Avoid This Beauty Mistake That Can Cause Balding

It’s a familiar story - and it usually goes like this:

Woman has thinning hair. Woman feels like she can’t talk to anyone about it.

Woman loses confidence. Woman tries everything --

And none of it works.

That’s where Lisa W. found herself only a couple of years ago.

She wasn’t even 50 yet, but she was starting to dread looking in the mirror:

  • Growing bald patches when she parted her hair
  • Thinner hair that just laid flat on her head - no volume at all!
  • More and more and more hair in the drain after every shower.

It didn’t feel fair to her. None of her friends had to deal with the isolation and fading confidence.

46 million women in America struggle with thinning hair.1 And it’s enough to make them try some desperate things:

  • Crazy at-home remedies like gooseberry and onion juice
  • Red laser therapy - yes, blasting their hair with laser beams
  • Hormone treatments that do more harm than good

Can you blame them, though? Women generally can’t have hair replacement surgery like men can.

And it’s so counter to our idea of beauty that most women are afraid to talk about hair loss.

It’s Time to Change the Way You Think About Your Hair


We all want thick, luscious hair. That’s why we do the volumizing shampoos, the blow-drying, and the endless brushing.

But if you don’t know this one thing about your hair, you could be doing damage without even knowing it…

Hair health starts in the follicle. It’s the spot in your skin where hairs take root.

And due to hormonal changes that women go through, it’s very common for those follicles to shrink as the years go by.

That means hairs can't grow as thick or as long. And it gets worse with all the heat, brushing, and product we use on our hair.

Over-treatment is the biggest beauty mistake that women make!

Lisa had no idea that her hair dryer and tight buns were causing her hairline to recede.

And it felt hopeless. Lisa was tired of being embarrassed and powerless to change it.

Why Keranique Is Different Than Any Other Hair Treatment

With nowhere to turn, Lisa tried Keranique on the recommendation of a friend.

It’s the #1 hair regrowth system for women in America. But she’d heard all that marketing talk a thousand times before.

Keranique is a lot different than other treatments that claim to reverse balding and thinning:

  • It contains the only ingredient approved by the FDA to regrow hair in women.2
  • It’s a 3-step system that enriches thin hair, strengthens follicles, and protects against the damage of styling.
  • Over 1,000,000 women have used Keranique and been thrilled with their results.3

For Lisa, the best thing was that Keranique didn’t involve surgery or complicated procedures. It only takes 5 minutes a day - total.

And Lisa got way better results than she expected. After a few months, all that thinning around her crown was gone.

Not only do Keranique users report more hair, but they report better hair. Thick. Full. They see it in the mirror, and they feel the difference when they run their fingers through it.

“After using Keranique for almost 6 months, and getting great results, I can't say enough good things about it! It's an outstanding product line! I will definitely continue to use it!”

Watch this video to see Lisa’s total disbelief at her hair transformation:

How Much Did It Cost Her?

A heck of a lot less than you’d think!

Here’s what Lisa got in her full-service Keranique kit:

  • Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment: a scalp treatment with the only FDA-approved ingredient for women’s hair loss
  • Keranique Hair And Scalp Treatment: Uses ginseng to get to the root of the problem — and it has a gentle, natural peppermint smell
  • Keranique Lift & Repair Treatment Spray: Protects hair during heat styling, and helps hold and set the hair while adding shine and control

Normally, this kit sells for $110. Lisa was thrilled to pay that little to get the kind of hair she had when she was younger.

But if you want to get thicker, grabbable hair with Keranique, you can save over $60. For a limited time, there’s an online-only 65% discount.

You can get started with Keranique for only $49.95 when you order online today. Just click the link below to claim your exclusive discount!

Try The Keranique System For 120 Days, Risk-Free

Lisa is just one of a million inspiring women who decided to get up and do something about their thinning hair.

Keranique has given these women the confidence they thought they’d lost forever.

It’s a proven way to handle thinning follicles. Keranique is so confident in this system that you can try it for 4 months without risking a dime.

If you’re not 100% satisfied with your results, you can call Keranique within 120 days of your purchase and get a full refund.

If you want to love what you see when you look in the mirror…

If you want to feel thick hair in your hands again…

If you want to feel the confidence that Lisa feels…

Then you owe it to yourself to try Keranique. There’s nothing to risk, and so much to gain!


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