Everyone Should Carry This Device At All Times


by Eric Wall


Monday, August 1, 2022

According to the FBI, the U.S. murder rate increased by an astonishing 30% between 2019-2020 which is the largest single-year increase in more than 100 years.

If you’ve watched the news in the past 2 years, then you’ve heard terrifying reports that nearly every crime statistic has skyrocketed over the last 2 years.

Violent crime against senior citizens has spiked by 78% in the past year alone, according to experts. 

In 2020, there were an estimated 1,277,696 violent crimes that have left so many of us wondering, how do we prevent becoming the next victim? 

Robberies, rape, and nearly every violent crime saw a historic increase and its left many Americans wondering, how they can protect themselves?


Experts all agree and predict that these numbers will continue to soar through 2022.

So many of our readers have reached out to us to help solve this problem, since so many Americans live in areas where they can’t legally or easily carry firearms.

After conducting weeks of thorough research and investigation, we discovered 1 product in particular that’s most effective in preventing assault, theft, and much worse!

People feel defenseless because they don’t want to carry a weapon with them everywhere they go, so we tested a lightweight device that is legal to carry and has the power to immediately stop an attacker.

The thief-stopping device has exploded in popularity over the last 24 months because of the crime rate in nearly every part of the country.

Solution - The ScreamSafe!

It’s called the ScreamSafe and it’s the only personal alarm that is easy-to-use while also being recommended by police, military, and self defense experts.


Most of the self defense products we tested and analyzed were difficult to use in the event of a random attack, where every second is the difference between life and death.

It’s tiny and super lightweight, while having the power to stop a 300 pound mugger in their tracks, thanks to how loud and bright this life saving device is.

The ScreamSafe has an ear-piercingly loud 130db alarm that you can hear from miles away, plus a high intensity LED light that can blind your attacker.

Who Needs The ScreamSafe?


The ScreamSafe is ideal for:

How Does The ScreamSafe Work?


After reading success stories and analyzing every feature and benefit, we’ve came up with 6 main reasons why our readers love the ScreamSafe:

What People Are Saying About The ScreamSafe

image image

“The ScreamSafe SAVED MY DAUGHTER’S LIFE! My daughter got attacked 3 weeks ago at 2am coming home from a party. 2 men approached her and she had no way to defend herself being only 5’2 and 115 pounds. Thank God for the ScreamSafe, it saved her life and I’m ordering 15 more for every member of my family.”


“So loud, it scares away any attacker whether it’s a person or an animal. I bring the ScreamSafe anytime I go hiking in the woods because you never know when a bear or deer will get close. I also got a few for my parents and my kids and it helps me sleep well at night knowing I’m doing everything in my power to protect my loved one’s!”


“The ScreamSafe is so loud it startles me when I accidentally pull it, but that’s what you want when you’re in danger because it’s going to freak your attacker out and save your life!”

DEBBIE WATSON - California

Where Can I Buy This Device?

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How long until you’re in a dangerous situation that could change your life forever?

Until you get robbed? Car jacked? Or just emotionally damaged from having another person harm you?

Make the smart choice and invest in your safety and peace of mind by investing in the police-recommended ScreamSafe.

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