UPDATE: Due to increased social media attention, Solawave is completely sold out in stores. However they still have limited availability on their website HERE
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Here's How SolaWave Changed My Skincare Routine

Just over a year ago, I shocked my face with electrical currents in the name of brighter and tighter skin.

It worked — microcurrents actually help kickstart your body’s production of collagen and elastin, two proteins that play a key role in the appearance of skin, a discovery that has fueled the creation of pricey skincare devices such as the ZIIP and the NuFACE.

When I heard about the SolaWave Wand, another microcurrent beauty tool, I was intrigued. The ZIIP and NuFACE both start at around $500 USD, a hefty commitment.

The SolaWave prices at $129 USD and features microcurrent technology as well as LED light therapy (red light helps stimulate collagen production), low-vibration facial massage (reduces puffiness) and a heating component (increases blood flow to the skin).

I decided to give the four-in-one gadget a try. Unlike the ZIIP and NuFACE, the SolaWave is smaller and more streamlined than its counterparts.

A slim aluminum wand, the sleek tool features a rotating head featuring a built LED light panel. Devoid of buttons, the wand automatically activates when placed on the skin and charges via a micro-USB port at the tip of the handle. It’s an undeniably attractive apparatus, and even comes in three colorways: rose gold, matte black and a cotton candy-colored ombré.

How The SolaWave Delivers Amazing Results & Is Easy To Use

To use the SolaWave, simply glide it across your face using upward and outward strokes. The wand’s heating component is super soothing and its microcurrents are entirely painless, unlike the ZIIP. SolaWave recommends using the wand for about five minutes per day, five days a week, and boasts visible results in only two weeks.

Though the tool zaps your face with low-voltage electrical currents, using the device with a conductive serum isn’t necessary — this is another element that sets it apart from the ZIIP and NuFACE, which must be paired with special gel primers that ring up at about $50 USD per bottle.

That being said, the SolaWave does glide across the face much smoother when used with the brand’s in-house hyaluronic acid conductive serum or a serum you already own (economical and easy on the nose).

Say Goodbye To Fine Lines, Crows Feet and Wrinkles

After using the SolaWave Wand five days a week for about three weeks, I noticed some pretty remarkable changes in my skin and even received a few compliments from strangers (this hardly ever happens to me)! It seemed to be a game-changer for my frequent acne breakouts and even eliminated fine lines, made my laugh lines less pronounced and made my skin tone look even! The best part is that it stopped me from having the “puffy face look” that I usually wake up to after a night of drinking.

Conclusion: Is it worth it?

100% Yes. If you think about the cost of going for spa treatments or other buying devices that perform at nearly the same level as SolaWave then you’re looking at spending a lot more money.

The SolaWave is currently only $129 USD, that’s basically the cost of one spa treatment. The time to buy this device is right now before the current discounted price runs out. Using the SolaWave feels like you’re getting a Spa level treatment in the comfort of your home.

How Do I Buy The SolaWave?

Beware of copycat devices that don’t do nearly the same thing as the SolaWave. You should purchase the SolaWave directly from the manufacturer’s website by clicking here.

The SolaWave comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so there’s no risk in trying it out!

Use Coupon Code: POOLSIDE on the checkout page for 30% OFF!

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